It begins when bacteria attach to the tooth surface. These bacteria have the ability to produce acids which in turn corrode the tooth – one may caries “hole in the tooth”. As long as the tooth’s enamel surface is intact, there is chance that the attack stops. A small injury can even heal by itself. Therefore, it is important that you brush your teeth extra carefully and floss.

Information for caries treatment
Dear patient, you should know what comes after a caries treatment.

Treatment principles are as follows:

  • 1st “Small” holes treated with composite.
  • 2nd “Great” hole treated with composite, or porcelain crown.
3rd “Huge” caries treated with root canal or tooth removal.

The complications increase with the size of the bore of a tooth, but it need not be so. You pay for every new treatment.

Complications of tooth repair.
1st Icings going over. Treated with fluoride.
2nd Icings, becoming toothache, then the tooth root canal.
3rd Filling fracture, 6 month warranty.
4th Tooth fracture, ie that part of the tooth is broken, then a weakened, in the tooth due to large caries.
Either take another punch, or a root canal. New treatment is not within the warranty.

How to avoid tooth decay – brush regularly –
Reduce the number of times you eat sweets –
Sweets will be in your mouth only for a short while –
Choose sugar free sweets to the extent you are able, for example, sugar-
free chewing gum. The dentist will always assessing your risk for tooth decay, the dentist then decide how often you should do a check of your teeth. Maximum time between two checks is two years.
Would you like to ask anything about this treatment so do not hesitate to contact us.

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