Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry are terms used by the public and dentists as a designation of dentistry which mainly improves the appearance of a person’s teeth. Cosmetic dentistry in Sweden is not recognized by the National Board as a specialist focus and are not included in the state dental care support. Cosmetic dental treatments are sought after as a life-enhancing factor, especially among younger people. Since the early 90’s we have worked with cosmetic dentistry, we perform treatments according to our slogan “Smile for Life”.

– Common cosmetic procedures

1.Tandblekning, see all the information about teeth whitening.
2.Skalfasader. Works much like artificial fingernails. A thin shell, either made ​​of ceramic or composite is applied to the tooth surface. It is produced individually for each patient and tooth.
bite rehabilitation, repair or correction of worn, damaged, slanted teeth.
3.Utbyte of black or discoloring fillings. Composite or porcelain as a substitute for amalgam.
4.Slutning the gap between the front teeth, called a diastema.
5.Implantatbehandling known method to replace one or more missing or damaged teeth with artificial screwed with titanium screws into the jaw bone.
6th Orthodontics, with invisible braces to correct inclined teeth in the front.

-Svea Cosmetic studio

It takes great skill to meet today’s conscious patients.
Some patients require a complex mix of the above treatments. We have therefore developed a Cosmetic Studio that shows how an end result may look like the models and the computer. In principle, we hardly use metals. Today, there are very good substitutes, such as porcelains and zirkoniumtänder. This ends with our skilled dental technicians who sit and paint in the final effects on the teeth to satisfy the patient in the best possible way.
Ask about our cosmetic studio.

Dear patient

Below is all the information given before and after a cosmetic treatment. For there to be called cosmetic dentistry you need more of the above treatments take place during a single treatment session.
Though we do not have so much complications, so it is important to inform you, the patient what can go wrong and how you can help maintain the nice treatment.
Basically increases the complications with the size of the engagement of a tooth, but it need not be so. Longer warranties apply only in treatments where a dental technician was involved and made ​​teeth.

Complications of cosmetic dentistry

More information about each treatment and its complications can be found under the respective treatment on
1st Icings going over. Treated with fluoride.

2nd Icings, becoming toothache, then the tooth root canal.

third Tooth fracture, ie that part of the tooth is broken, this is due to a weakening of the tooth is made, because the dentist drilling out the “rotten” part of the tooth. Either take another punch, or a root canal.
4th Filling Fracture, 6 month warranty applies.
5th Porcelain Fracture, 2 year warranty.
6th Implant Complications, see the information under the implant treatments
7th Orthodontic, see complications

Avoid complications

First brush regularly.
2nd Do not bite hard things against porcelain teeth
third after inspection of cosmetic treatment. The warranty varies from 6 months to up to 2 years.
Often these treatments are very lavish and to maintain these, you have to carry out regular checks. These controls can vary from patient to patient. But you as a patient have to listen to our recommendations on how to take care of these. This varies from patient to patient. Should you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us to us immediately. Good luck with the smile. As you see it is not only treated, but much work remains in order to maintain the smile.
Would you like to ask anything about this treatment so do not hesitate.

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