Dental implants in Midyat

We have extensive experience in dental implants, we have conducted more than 10,000 dental implants. Do you have acute problems, please feel free to us to solve it. We have helped thousands of patients with dental implants. We work with the world-famous brands in dental implants. Always original parts. Always fixed prices . everything is green forests with dental implants, we are talking about reality, see below.

Important to know about dental implants

Already in 1965, Professor Brånemark treated his first edentulous patients with titanium implants in Gothenburg.
, it is not easy to lasting patient who needs dental implants today. Earlier, Sweden has always been restrictive with new materials in medicine, but after the EU accession, as the number of 5 pieces to over 250 pieces dental implant types in Sweden. Today there are several companies that do not have any qualifications, not enough research, but also the risk of bankruptcy exists, Then suddenly, these patients may be left without spare parts, which can lead to tragic situations.

Advantages of dental implants

Implants are cost effective.

When a tooth in the front is missing, there are two ways to treat the door. One is a bridge, and the other dental implants.
downside of the bridge structure is that you have to grind the adjacent teeth to get the door closed. The advantage of implants is that they do not need to grind the adjacent teeth. There will be an appearance much better treatment, which also makes it easier to keep clean.
Another advantage is the longevity of the implants. A typical dental bridge is 10 to 15 years. Dental implants last a lifetime, with a little modification, see complications. Therefore, the implants cost when comparing it with the “regular” dentistry today.



all those who have lost one, several or all teeth due to different causes, but want to have the tooth or teeth back in an effective way, to choose dental implants.

Will the implant to be as nice as my own teeth?

The result appearance is dependent on the anatomic conditions. The most crucial factor is how much jawbone that disappeared over the years. If conditions are right, the result is perfect.

Conditions are favorable for a successful treatment?

They are very good. Approximately 95-99% of the implants has worked well for many years. This applies to implants of the entire jaws as single teeth.

Does it hurt?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is painless. Some swelling and pain may occur in the same way as in a normal tooth extraction.

Are common symptoms after treatment?

Complications are extremely rare. Some may experience a little trouble speaking clearly, but these problems can be solved together with the dentist and a little self-training.

What does the treatment cost?

See our promotions, we have great deals.

factors affecting the price are:

– the number of dental implants?
– Will the insurance fund to pay their share of all needy teeth?
– Tooth number 6, you pay nothing for the insurance fund.
– Is there enough bone?
– Should there tomographic X-ray?
– Are zirconium tooth (aesthetically)
– The level of compensation staircase affects the price
– Etc.

Prices of dental implants

Around The prices are as follows:

– One complete implant: 800euro

– Teath in between 100euro

– Bone restoration 500euro


The information below is for our implant patients:

We try to inform about everything, we are trying to be transparent, that is straightforward for the patient regarding expectations, times, costs, pain, side effects, and most importantly complication risks.

We have fixed prices, everyone will receive a written estimate, which shall be approved by the patient before starting the treatment. See also the link payment policy.

VISIT 1st Consultation,

We review the case jointly, usually need additional X-rays are taken to assess bone mass. Cost Proposal is printed with a fixed price. Forecast and about the time when all will be ready given. Prescription for antibiotics printed.

VISIT 2. Operationsday:

Efficient operation time is 15-50min depending on the operation type. A single implant takes max 15min. Implants in full jaw takes about 50 minutes.
Informing the patient after implant surgery
, you have now had surgery and received fixture / s implanted. Healing may take different amounts of time for different patients. It is very important that it is healing nicely after surgery.

Against the swelling and bleeding you should have compressors in the mouth (2-3 days and nights) in the way that the dentist will show you. Stay up happily in peace and raise one end with an extra pillow at night.
After meals, it is important for you to rinse with saline or Andolex (available at pharmacies). You can also make your own saline solution. Boil 1 liter of water and 2 tablespoons salt.

Gentle diet is preferable.

Brush your teeth as usual in areas that are not operated on and after a few days you can start with careful

cleaning at the operated area.

Halitosis and obehanglig taste in the mouth is normal.
If possible, have not demanding jobs coming days.
call us if there is anything you wonder about. Tel. 08-320820.
During läkperioden that are individually tailored, grows fixtures installed in the jawbone.

Visit the 3rd Suturborttagning:

After 7-10 days you come to remove the sutures. If possible, we adjust also the eventual prosthesis that you have during the healing period.

Visit 4th Healing abutment for dental implants 2veckor – 9mån

NOW have dental implants grown in the bone, putting a lid / leakage distance of dental implant
healing to take place FINE around the abutment. Rinse with saline morning and evening.
After 3 days you should start brushing around the distances.
You may not use these distances teeth to bite with.

Visit 5th Impression

You order tooth or teeth after an imprint of the jaws.

Visit 6-8. Extradition

Needed no tests can quickly, but otherwise it can take longer. But now, the teeth are fixed according to the principle: “He who waits for something good, do not wait too long”

VISITS is a requirement of the warranty. Prerequisite for lifetime warranty on the implants and 2 year warranty on the teeth: You must take care of oral hygiene self. Then you shall go on as usual annual check with your dentist. We will specifically check the implants after 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. We have a special control scheme to monitor the implant control regularly performed. Control scheme, you can order by oss.Skulle you do not show up such a scheme after five years as regards no warranty at all on our part. It may differentiate in 4 months max.

Complications of implant treatments:

first Porcelain Fracture
second Sklettfraktur of bridges
3rd Fracture of Cartilage screws
fourth Bone loss around the implants
fifth Fracture of the implant
6th Implant Loss

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