Dental Medical

To undergo examination with us is a great responsibility for the dentist. It ends with that you get a study protocols. A good survey is of great importance to you as a patient.

Medical history, questions from us to you

There are many factors that can impair your teeth, these, we try to find by asking as follows:
diseases, allergies, headaches in the morning, if you are snorers. etc.

X-rays at the dentist

We have the most modern digital X-ray equipment in the clinic, ie, with minimal radiation, it is almost nonexistent. 24 X-ray images corresponding to the same radiation that you get from the atmosphere during a trip to Spain. Therefore, we usually say that the benefit greater than the damage at an X-ray examination with us.

Status, check inside the mouth

-First We look at your mucous membranes in the mouth
-Bettrelation, ie upper relative to the lower jaw
-Sist we look at the teeth, if they have holes or other illness


We conclude by printing a study protocols. If there are treatments to perform, so we write out a written estimate, it must be approved by the patient before treatment begins.

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