Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride and brushing has the greatest impact on reducing the number of cavities in the teeth. Fluoride treatment can even heal superficial caries lesions in enamel. Besides that there is fluoride in toothpaste so we can dentist treat you further in 2 ways:


We varnish / paint brushes on the tooth fluorine, which may solidify and is then left for several hours. Much fluoride can thus be stored into the tooth enamel. This should be repeated several times per year, so that the effect is achieved.


Fluoride gel is a viscous liquid that contains fluoride. First we make an individual custom gelskena you must put the gel in the fluoride treatment. This continues with you at home. The rail puts you over your teeth and let sit for five minutes so that fluorgelen time to affect the tooth surface. You repeat the treatment daily, how long you should continue to decide the dentist, some normal 6 months.

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