Recall system

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Categories of patients with us.
– First, those who wants to be called according to our system. (Described below).
– Second, those who is calling and makes an appointment.
– Third,  those who come only for emergency needs.

The goal of a calling system

It is the patient’s responsibility to regularly go to a dentist, we talk about how often you should visit the dentist, but we often say that it is up to two years between the two visits. The goal is to avoid new disease occurs in the mouth. All science suggests that those who regularly go to the dentist can keep their teeth higher up in age, one would miss any time, it is better to revert to a stop completely with their visits. Would not call your dentist in the prospective period so it’s up to you to make a new appointment. (Eg you moved or changed number and we can not reach you).

What happens when a cancellation?

We have no system to remember that a patient has only has postponed. A cancellation may have several intentions, therefore, we must know which of these intentions to cancel you have, so that we do wrong in our system:
1: written off completely from our directory, eg due to relocation. (Known not more).
2: If you will hear yourself. (Dit responsibility in future).
3: If you want a new time in the future, for example due to illness and work, if so, write even when you want to come back? (We will contact you with an alternative)
4: If you want to skip this control period and called the next thought-control period.
But after two cancellations so it is removed from the system and then you get yourself to order a new time for yourself.

If you have questions regarding calling system, please contact us.



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