We have several options for those who want a treatment that is more aesthetically pleasing than regular braces with metal brackets. If asked the error does not require the most advanced treatments, we can surely offer you:

Types of Aesthetic Orthodontics

First White mounts / transparent / ceramic / plastic or glass mounts to suit different aesthetic needs.
2nd Inman Aligner, a removable splint aesthetic

Inman Aligner- Removable aesthetic rail

Orthodontics and Braces may sound frightening and associated with visible rails that must be attached for at least 2 years. Attached braces is difficult to care for, to eat with, and to clean, and besides the practical problems is the traditional braces are not pretty to look at.

Now it has finally come a brace that will eliminate all the problems associated with traditional braces. The new method is called Inman Aligner and makes it possible to get a new smile in just 6 -16 weeks. Inman Aliger is removable, discrete, treatment is quick, and braces need only use 16 to 20 hours a day.

What is the Inman Aligner?

Inman Aligner is a simple removable braces to correct crowded and slanting front teeth quickly and safely. It works equally well as a stand-alone therapy as initial treatment before continuing cosmetic dentistry with fixed braces or veneer therapy.

How it works?

Inman Aligner has nickel titanium springs through two opposite arcs gently move teeth to their new positions through collaborative compressive and tensile forces. The weak force out is active during the entire time that the teeth will move. Therefore Inman aligner so fast. The picture below shows the “pinch effect” of the two arcs across the front.

How long is the duration of treatment with the Inman Aligner?
Most cases can be completed within 6-18 weeks. Your Inman Alignertandläkare can give you a realistic timetable. In appropriate cases, the Inman Aligner is usually a faster method than other alternative orthodontic treatments.
What does a treatment with the Inman Aligner?
Impression for making your custom Inman Aligner.
Fitting the Inman Aligner.
use the Inman Aligner 16-20 hours per day
Regular checkups at the dentist every two to 3 weeks.
As in any orthodontic treatment, the end result be held in place-retineras. This is done with a so-called retainer, either in the form of a retainertråd glued to the inside of the teeth or with a removable transparent rail.

What does it cost?

– Consultations cost $ 500. X-rays are included, it takes 30-45 min
– Full investigation costs 3000 SEK. 2 visits. All X-ray photography and plaster models included.
– The total cost of orthodontic treatment with Inman Alinger is £ 17000-20000 depending on how big the problem is. The total cost includes examination, treatment, 1-year follow-up and teeth whitening at the clinic.
– Permanent tooth regulation can cost from 5000-45000kr, depending on the error and the time required to solve the problem.

Information for patients with braces

It will not hurt to have braces, but often it can feel sore during the first week after your braces have been inserted or a few days after the braces adjusted. It may also happen that you get blisters on tongue and cheek or lip inside just the beginning of a treatment. This can alleviate by putting wax on the braces.

Of course, you should not change yourself on your braces. If something comes loose, if the wax does not help, or if you have anything you need to get in touch with your dentist. It is also important that you get at your regular check, otherwise you risk that something goes wrong and that the treatment takes longer.
Avoid hard, chewy and sticky stuff
When you undergo this type of treatment requires that you brush your teeth very carefully. Food particles and coatings collected namely very easily around arches and brackets. Braces can withstand normal chewing, but you may still may have to change your “diet” anything. You must avoid eating things that are chewy and sticky, such as caramel, so you do not risk the thin steel arches bent. You must also try to refrain from biting hard things, such as apples and carrots, which might otherwise cause the glued brackets come loose.
For it to be a good result, it is important to remember that it is you, and together we implementing a treatment. We stand for braces, adjustment and other measures – you take care of the daily maintenance routine. Should something not be right in the mouth or you have any question, please let us know as soon as possible.

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