Root Canal

Reasons for root canal treatment

If a caries / holes have been deeply so the bacteria will reach the pulp, it is popularly known for toothache / pulpit. The body’s own defenses can not reach the bacteria, therefore, must be cleaned and the tooth root canal later. There may be other reasons why we dentists rotfyller a tooth. Before, it was more difficult to perform root canal tooth, but today, technology has moved forward, we also understand better how a successful root canal must be. Ideally painless.

After a successful root canal tooth can function normally again, but it will never be as strong as the healthy tooth
A root canal requires at least two treatment sessions. At first reading, open a way into the root canal to remove the remnants of the dental pulp and clean the root canal, some teeth have up to 4 channels.

Once the tooth is cleaned fills the space with a germicide that may operate for approximately a month. Meanwhile, you get a temporary filling. The root canal is then filled with gutta percha, a rubber material that replaces the damaged tissue. Last of all, filled the opening in the same way as when you cook a plain hole.

Does it hurt?

Most people tend to be surprised when they discover that the treatment of the root canal is easy and painless. If the nerves in the root canal of the bacteria have been killed, you may not even notice that you have an infection. It often first detected on radiographs. If the nerves are dead is the feeling in the tooth away. Are nerves and tooth sensitivity, you obviously stunning.

Information for the patient after treatment

Between six months to 1 year after a root canal then the tooth is checked, then you know sure if the treatment is successful or not. You should also then decide whether the tooth needs to be reinforced with post and crown or not. Root canal filled tooth is a tooth weakened, therefore there is a risk that such a tooth breaks easier a regular tooth. There is no guarantee a root canal filled tooth.

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