Snoring Rail

We have worked with snoring rails since 90’s. Have evolved and we now have very smooth snoring rails. The treatment goes on medical nomenclature. Good treatment outcome requires that the teeth do not have any complaints or frequent adjustments. All our snoring patients are examined by a specialist, who determines whether a so-called snoring rail may be an appropriate therapy or not.

Why do people snore?

When you drift off to sleep, also relaxes the throat of. Then it starts to flutter as your breath, causing the snoring sound. With more powerful type of snoring may be pauses in breathing, apneas. Then the heart is not enough oxygen, and it is obviously not good. Therefore snoring rail, antiapnéskenan, a vital treatment for these patients.

Are you snore?

Usually it is the wife who complains about the snoring sound. Incoming air causes the tissue of the soft palate, uvula and throat vibrate – a sound we know as snoring. Snoring is often no greater problem than the noise itself. In more serious cases can have pauses in breathing during sleep. Which may give inadequate oxygenation as a result. This in turn can cause chronic fatigue and other problems. But loud snoring may be a sign of a more serious problem – OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). .


– Obstructive sleep apnea is when the airway becomes completely blocked and breathing stops. The brain then detects the lack of oxygen and gives temporary signal to pull in spirit. Although OSA patients may have hundreds apnéuppehåll per night, it is unlikely that they will remember any of these. In fact, if the sufferer lives alone or sleeping in separate bedrooms, they may not even be aware of her condition, even after many years.

What makes snoring rail?

The splint keeps the tongue in place. We take an impression of your teeth and produces a splint plastic that fits right tooth rows. But rail is also designed to shoot out your lower jaw. In this way, the tongue is moved forward so that the air can easily pass through. When the jaw forced tightened the muscles in the back of the mouth. It makes your throat does not vibrate as much so you can sleep a little disturbed.

Kenan Sleep apnea is an oral device to treat snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea by the tongue and the lower jaw is pushed out of their natural position. The effect of this procedure is to open the airway. The appliance is designed exclusively for each individual and consists of a top and bottom rail with a patented “fen” clutch mechanism.

Is snoring rail right treatment option for me?

It will most likely put an end to your snoring and is likely to eliminate or greatly reduce your OSA. For your sovpartner means peace and quiet again and a better night’s sleep. For you, it will mean better sleep. As a result, you will be less likely to suffer from headaches and fatigue during the day, and your ability to concentrate will improve.

How comfortable is our snark rail?

You will not find a more comfortable oral appliance that is individually tailored to fit your mouth does not affect the tongue. The ability to freely open and close your mouth, talk and drink with the rails in the mouth is a big step forward when it comes to medical treatment with snark rails.

Letters to the patient after the foreigner of the rail

Dear Patient
Use these when you want to sleep
Snark Kenan goes on manufacture warranty, ie, 2 year warranty on offense.

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