A splint is a dental technician specially made plastic splint that is used to affect mandibular movement patterns in a way that results in improved function in the masticatory system and contribute to the tense jaw muscles can more easily relax. It relieves secondary TMJ, jaw and neck muscles. A splint may also be used to avoid attrition of teeth by teeth grinding.

There are several types of occlusal splints used in the different states.

Prices of splint

-Mjukplastskena Asked for physiological treatment, per rail 2 060 SEK
-Bettskena into hard acrylate, performed on bite physiological indications, per rail 3 300 SEK

Use and Care of a splint

Hello Dear Patient
You now have a splint of us, we wish to inform you that for you after such a treatment.

It is important to use the track at all times during the night, would the fuss, so quickly return to the dentist to fix it. At first one might think that the saliva increased, but it is transient.
Upon treatment with a splint, it is especially important to have a good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth therefore carefully before splint is inserted into the mouth. It is also important that you clean splint morning with regular toothbrush and toothpaste. The splint should be stored in the box that you received in connection with the extradition. Periodically, one can use Corega tablet to dissolve tartar which can be formed around beet rail.

If the rail fit would change or if the rail is malfunctioning in other ways, please contact oss.Ta with splint on each visit with us. Show it to us prior studies and possible new treatments.

Good Luck

Svea Dental clinic

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