Teeth Whitening


We have a special treatment for teeth whitening, because you can book time every day there. We have online booking , see our available dates by clicking on the book at the top of the right side.
, we have bleached teeth since the early 90s.


Your teeth will be whiter even before you leave the dentist’s office. We use bleach which is so powerful that it does not require any light or laser for it to appear. You do not have to uncomfortable heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. The bleaching agent is activated simply as soon as it is applied to your teeth. Simple and convenient. And within an hour you have noticeably whiter teeth.
Important to know: All lasers and curing lights used for bleaching has no positive effect on bleaching, these are used as the placebo effect and nothing else. See the report from the Board regarding these lights.
-Standardblekning 1500 SEK, no thrill 2-7 degrees whiter on the scale.
– Bleaching 2000 SEK Studio, a little thrill of risk. 5-10 degrees whiter on the scale.


Promotion price 2000 SEK, promotional code (STHB20)
We manufacture a customized bleaching splint for you. You can pick up the whitening gel. The gel should be applied in thin, comfortable splint that is placed on your teeth for 30 minutes / day. Optimum results usually occur when the process has lasted 3-8 days. We go through what you can expect from the treatment, depending on the discolorations that are on your teeth. The results vary between patients.

Notes on bleaching

The effect depends on various factors such as: discoloration, such as pharmaceutical and fluoride stains, but also discoloration caused by root-filled teeth. The best effect is displayed on the discoloration caused by coffee, tobacco, and other colorful foods. We can not change the basic color of the tooth.

Side effects

Shooting pains – Is not with us.
With the old bleaching technique could some patients experience increased sensitivity to hot or cold during the bleaching treatment.
Pregnant and nursing women should avoid whiten their teeth, in that there may be conducted research on this group of women.
Result-duration depends mostly on yourself. Learn how to keep your teeth white at our special website www.tandblek.nu

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Keep your teeth white!
Tooth bleaching in the clinic is the best kick start for whiter teeth. But most likely you will want to continue the process to make sure that your teeth reach their very whitest potential. Staff recommend you products for follow-up treatment as you do at home for a few days. In those days your teeth will continue to fade and eventually stabilize in its new white gloss.
whitener activated simply as soon as it is applied to your teeth. You choose if you want to whiten all or some. Do not forget that we only remove stains that are on your teeth , we can not change the basic color.

How white teeth is available?

Smile Effect is safe and effective teeth whitening and the results are very clear, on average, seven shades whiter with full clinic treatment.
Prerequisites for bleaching to work is:
Ideally, you as a patient to have polished and removed tartar one week before bleaching. If you have not done it so we can help you with this. We can not faded old crowns and fillings.

Are there any side effects?

That which we have no use whatsoever demonstrated. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid to whiten their teeth, in that there may be conducted research on this group.

How long does teeth whitening?

The duration depends mainly on yourself. Do you keep a good oral hygiene and brush your teeth morning and night with toothpaste, your results last for many years. If you take colorful substances such as tobacco, coffee, tea or red wine you may need to repeat the treatment once every two years.

How do I keep my teeth white?

1st Food &
Brush your teeth after eating or drinking something that stains the teeth, for example, wine, coffee, orange juice or colored food.
2nd Tobacco
cigarettes, snuff and other tobacco-staining.
third Toothpaste and fluoride
Fluorine is very important in toothpaste. Fluorene helps to bring lime found in the saliva of the tooth. There is talk of a re-mineralization. In this way, even started a hole in a tooth healed with the addition of fluoride.
4th Special Toothpaste
This lyxtandkräm can use 2 times a week to preserve the efficacy of tooth bleaching. Do not rinse away the toothpaste out of your mouth.

Other offers from us:

Cleaning before the first treatment, you can order for 800kr, would you have dental premiums (ATB) left, so you can pay with it too. Phone number: 08-320820
second Examination, cleaning and bleaching after a year for 1000 SEK, ATB goes to the clinic.
third Products to maintain the teeth white
– Special Toothpaste, 130 SEK
-Aloeveratandkräm, SEK120
-Borstningsskum, 250sek
Or all three in a package for SEK 400.


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