Wisdom Teeth

Very bad teeth, we take away, but sometimes it happens that we remove healthy teeth as well, eg when orthodontic treatment where it is crowded and all the teeth do not fit in your mouth. Wisdom teeth, we also take away. . than 10 years, we act as a consultative body for dentists who want help with removing wisdom teeth. We carry all tooth extraction with minimum intervention, this is to the complications afterwards should be as low as possible. Thousands of patients, we have removed the teeth, thank God we have not had a serious complication to date.


We always start with taking x-rays to see how the root system looks like in the leg. Since stun us throughout the area, later to remove the tooth. Once the tooth is gone checked the wound area. You get to bite on a gauze pad for a while to calm the bleeding and you do not swell to.

Prices of tooth removal

We belong to no dental chain, thus we do not need to pay for higher management or executives. This money goes to you as a patient by cheaper dental care. We are always cheaper than the public dental service, FTV. Pisexempel with Us FTV 401 Removing a tooth 805 SEK 815 SEK 402 Removing a tooth, complicated 1230 kr 1530 kr 403 Subsequent simple tooth auditions 155 SEK 160 SEK 404 surgical removal of the tooth / teeth, 1500 kr kr 2790

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